Stuffware Cheese

Cheese is a lightweight, cross platform (wxWidgets) replacement for Photo Studio (which despite many years of faithful service is now really showing its's age). Cheese's main purpose is to speed up the process of getting images from your digital camera onto the web. Here's the core design principles of Cheese:

With all of these versions - BE REALLY, REALLY CAREFUL - only use Cheese on images which you have safely backed up elsewhere.

Download v1.1 - built 6th September 2009 (Mac OS X only)
Basic support for extracting GPS coordinates from geotagged images and including them in generated index.xml files. See below for an XSLT file which can take these GPS coordinates and include a simple static map in your index pages.
Download v1.01 beta - released 13th May 2007 (Mac OS X only)
Basically this is just a move from wxWidgets version 2.6.3 to 2.8.3, however this makes for a significant improvement in image quality - both the rendering of images within the UI and the quality of thumbnail/web images generated by the program.
Download v1.0 beta - released 9th May 2007 (Mac OS X only)
There's a high probability this will crash or just not work at all. However, I'm putting out this first release early anyway. It is being distributed under a "Grumpyware" license - I don't want to hear any complaints about what it could do better!
Default XSLT file
You'll need this if you want to generate any HTML index files. This needs to be downloaded to:
XSLT file with simple support for geotagged photos
An alternative to the above XSLT file for Cheese v1.1 and above - this sample XSLT adds a simple map to your web pages for geotagged photos. See here for an example HTML file. As before, this needs to be downloaded (and renamed) to:
You'll also need to edit it and paste in a Google Maps API Key for your website.
Note you will need to have xsltproc installed on your system for Cheese to be able to output HTML files.