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Screenshot of Photo Studio. Photo Studio is a multi purpose tool for dealing with photographic images. It greatly speeds up and enhances the process of getting images from your digital camera to the web. It supports everything from downloading the images from your camera or memory card, through rotating, resizing, conversion, previewing, adding comments, creating thumbnails and generating fully customisable HTML index pages ready for uploading to your website.

Photo Studio is also a useful tool for exploring the meta data stored along with your image files. The program supports a wide variety of meta data standards, including EXIF, CIFF, Olympus, JFIF and Photoshop. EXIF data will be of particular interest to digital camera users - it is the format used by most digital cameras to store camera settings along with an image.

The tool also has basic support for some movie formats - AVI and QuickTime/JPEG, as recorded by some older digital cameras. The tool can play back, as well as extract video, audio and stills from these files.

Is there a manual available?

No, and there probably never will be. There's an incomplete manual for an out of date version here, which may be of limited use to some people. Other than that, there are a few tutorial style articles on this site (also listed on the Stuffware main page) about Photo Studio.

Also you may find this walkthrough useful (added 22nd April 2006). It gives a complete end-to-end guide of how to get pictures from your digital camera onto the web.

Is there likely to be any future development on Photo Studio?

Basically, no. I originally wrote Photo Studio to suit my own needs, and thought as I found it useful then other people might too, so I made it available on the web. I have never made a single penny from Photo Studio over the five or more years it has been available on the web, and partly as a result of this I have no real enthusiasm to spend any more time on it.

Important Disclaimer:

Whilst the author has tried very hard to ensure that the program is safe and bug free, he cannot guarantee that it won't malfunction. The author assumes no responsibility for any damage caused through use of this program. Please work on copies of your images, not your original files!


Photo Studio Version 2.69
Built 27th September 2006. Again, no large changes here, just a couple of small bug fixes mainly for my own benefit. I recently bought a Casio Exilim which highlighted an issue with modifying EXIF data which has large maker note fields, such as some Casio cameras.
The main reason for putting out another release is I have had some reports of difficulties with the VC DLLs. So this binary has been built in what seems to be the MS preferred way, with an embedded manifest file which refers to the VC8 redistributables as an unmanaged assembly.
So you'll need the VC8 redistributables to get this to work. Either download here from, or here from
Photo Studio Version 2.67
Built 6th August 2005. No massive changes despite the long gap since the last release. Mainly worked on two new index wizards - one for creating XML index pages, and another for making "master" index pages (an index page for a set of subfolders). Neither of these features are really complete, and are still pretty rough around the edges!
Please note: as of this version Photo Studio is being built with a more recent version of the development environment, and as such you may need these DLL files to run it.
Photo Studio Version 2.62
Built 30th October 2003. New features - folder details, make working folder and crop function. As the crop function is new, as always please be especially careful to only work on copies of your images, not the originals.
Photo Studio Version 2.59
Built 25th August 2003. Further bug fix in Unicode comment editing. It seems when editing Unicode comments in XP, the font size would occasionally change at random. As a bit of a workaround, there are now two small buttons on the right hand side of the comments window allowing you to adjust the font size manually, should this occur.
Photo Studio Version 2.58
Built 14th August 2003. Slight bug fix in Unicode comment editing. Also had some feedback, and apparently version 2.57 and above does work properly in NT4.
Photo Studio Version 2.57
Built 19th June 2003. Tried to fix the NT4 compatibility issue (anyone with an NT4 system please let me know if the menus work now). Also taken away the tips dialog!
Photo Studio Version 2.56
Built 8th May 2003. Several small bugfixes and improvements. Now supports unicode comments and HTML output.
Photo Studio Version 2.51
Built 8th February 2003. Slight modification to allow inclusion of GPS values in HTML index files.
Photo Studio Version 2.5
Built 19th January 2003. Lots of interface improvements and bug fixes.
Please note. From this version on the program may not work properly on NT 4, due to some problem with the menus. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know [ John's email address. ]! It ought to work fine on 95/98/2000/XP, however.
Photo Studio Version 1.7
Built 4th November 2001. The previous version, which has had over 25,000 downloads! Should work fine on 95/98/NT4/2000/XP.


Old Information Page
A bit out of date, but may still be useful to some users.


If you want to get in touch, here's my email address, but please bear in mind the note above - I'm not really planning to spend any more time working on Photo Studio, so new feature and bug fix requests are unlikely to end in disappointment, unless you're planning to send a large amount of cash my way.

John Hawkins [ John's email address. ]

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